1. A blue pacifier hangs outside the door of a newly born baby boy!  The pacifier is about three feet in height, which is made with lace and satin.  Naples also celebrates their baby girls with pink pacifiers. 

  2. Capri.  The last day…… Arrivederla Italia

  3. Library in Monte Cassino, Italy. 

    As if the phoenix rises…. 

  4. quite excited. 

  6. "the machine"... for making grape juice, then of course "grappa"
    Daniel Essig makes amazing books & really amazing photos with fish eye camera.
    Gino explained the process of the Vendemmia
    Sabrina with the Local UGA Cortona Studies Abroad Massot... Bella Signora

    Vendemmia 2012 

  7. some nights are hypnotic

  8. the coffee should be, 

    hot like hell